FIRE (Fueling Instructional Rigor for Educators) 澳彩六合之家 District-wide PD

  • FIRE (Fueling Instructional Rigor for Educators) 澳彩六合之家 District-wide PD

    Who: All Certified 澳彩六合之家 Employees

    : Tuesday, September 5th from 8:00 AM - 3:45 PM
    We are excited to announce that no registration is needed for this event.  A variety of sessions will be offered during each session time but will close once a capacity of 30 is reached.

    Lunch: Parent and student organizations will be selling CFA boxes. We need as accurate of a count for lunch as possible, if you have not already submitted your lunch plans for the day, please  to complete that asap.  NO ORDERS will be included after Friday at 9AM.
    Teachers participating in LETRS or Leader in Me training at their home schools, do not need to fill out the lunch survey. 

    Where: FIRE will take place at three sites across the district. *Carpooling is highly encouraged.

    • Midland Valley High School – CLICK HERE for Schedule and Session Titles
      • Elementary Core Educators
      • Elementary Interventionists
      • Counselors
      • Identified SPED: Elementary Standards Teachers, Alt Standards, Early Learning, OT/PT, and Speech

    • Leavelle McCampbell Middle School – CLICK HERE for Schedule and Session Titles
      • Middle School Core educators
      • Media Specialists
      • Identified SPED: Middle Standards Teachers, School Psychologists, and Special Programs Counselors
        • LMMS: Overflow parking at Leavelle McCampbell Middle School will be at Byrd Elementary. A bus will shuttle educators from Byrd Elementary to Leavelle McCampbell Middle School.  

    • Aiken High School – CLICK HERE for Schedule and Session Titles
      • High School Core Teachers
      • World Language (mid/high)
      • CTE (mid/high)
      • PE (K-12)
      • Fine Arts (K-12)
      • ELL (K-12)
      • Identified SPED: High Standards Teachers and SCHSC

    Things to Know:

    • Preparing for the day:
      • Bring a fully charged district issued device.
      • Carpool if possible.
      • Review your site's parking and room maps.
    • Scheduling FIRE Sessions: 
      • Planning Your Session Schedule:
        • 澳彩六合之家 will not be using for this year's FIRE.
        • All educators will use the provided schedules in the above links to plan their day.  
      • Professional Learn:The identified groups below will register for their FIRE session in Professional Learn.
        • Middle School Core Teachers - register for identified session in Professional Learn. Click  HERE for directions.
        • CTE Teachers - register for CTE session in Professional Learn. Click HERE for directions.

    • Elementary: Number Corner Attendees (K-5)
      • To ensure the success of your workshop, please bring the following materials:
        • Volume 1 of the Number Corner Teachers Guide
        • Number Corner Assessment Guide
        • Tabbed dividers corresponding to Volume 1 of Number Corner
        • Laptop computer or tablet
        • Paper, sticky notes, and a writing utensil for note taking
    • Feedback Survey:
      • Attendees of all Professional Development will be sent a survey to provide feedback at the end of the day.  Teachers that attend professional development and provide feedback by 5:00 PM Wednesday will be entered into a drawing for a FREE state conference of your choice!