• Welcome to Human Resources & Administration

    Who We Are

    The Division of Human Resources and Administration works synergistically with schools and other divisions and departments across the school district to ensure that resources are allocated effectively and efficiently. The Chief Officer Human Resources and Administration oversees the division and serves as a member of the Superintendent’s Senior Staff. Our mission is to advance Aiken County Public Schools’ goals and objectives and to support school board policies.

    What We Do

    • Oversee the Departments of Human Resources and Communications
    • Coordinate strategic planning and continuous improvement efforts 
    • Develop forecasts, reports, and recommendations that support the district’s short- and long-range planning decisions
    • Create annual school and district enrollment forecasts  
    • Ensure appropriate staffing in relation to student population growth, long-range and short-range personnel needs
    • Provide support to schools in relationships with parent and community organizations including PTO, booster clubs, and School Improvement Councils (SIC)
    • Receive and act on requests for student transfers including out-of-district and foreign exchange students
    • Within the scope of the SC Charter School regulations, serve as the liaison and provide oversight to district sponsored charter schools
    • Provide timely data, information and support to help inform the continuous improvement of our instructional programs.
    • Serve as liaison with neighborhood planning groups and other community organizations interested in school planning and development 
    • Coordinate school administrator evaluations and professional growth for current and aspiring administrators
    • Act as the district’s ombudsman, serving as the superintendent’s designee for grievances for both the community and employees
    • Prepare and maintain statistical data and submit necessary reports including Civil Rights Data Collection (CRDC)
    • Work in concert with attorneys regarding legal matters and monitor legal actions
    • Ensure compliance with federal and state laws and regulations, and school board policies and procedures

Contact Us

  • Aiken County Public Schools
    1000 Brookhaven Drive
    Aiken, SC  29803

    Jennifer Hart, Chief Officer of Human Resources and Administration

    Debbie Gregory, Administrative Assistant
    (803) 641-2428

    Sal Minolfo, Director of Administration
    (803) 641-2428