• Welcome to the Department of Student Services 

    The Department of Student Services provides fundamental resources to support the individual needs of Aiken County students, families, and school personnel.  This team of professionals supports the 澳彩六合之家 mission of empowering students to be future-ready, globally mindful, and productive citizens by providing a full range of services in the areas of attendance, health services, social work, counseling and career, homebound instruction, behavioral support, and military family support. The department works with families and educators to promote the success of all students by providing direct services with an emphasis on those who may be challenged with barriers to their learning or overall academic success. 

  • Core Beliefs

    • All students have dignity and worth.
    • All students are unique and should be treated as such.
    • All students should have access and the opportunity to realize their full potential, regardless of race, age, gender, sexual orientation, ethnic background or religion. 
    • Student services should be extended to diverse populations.


  • Goals

    • To successfully conduct all the administrative support functions necessary to support the needs of all students, the schools, the District, the community, the state, federal and other external education entities
    • To develop and operate a successful program which will attract and retain students in order to serve students' needs and the District,d for adequate enrollment
    • To increase graduation rates while assisting students in becoming career, college, and citizenship ready 
    • To provide a variety of personalized learning opportunities that meet the diverse needs of students in the District

Contact Us

  • Aiken County Public Schools

    Department of Student Services

    1000 Brookhaven Drive

    Aiken, SC 29803


    Carl White, Ed. S.

    Director of Student Services


    (803) 641-2428


    Tyral Braxton, Ed. S.

    District Hearing Officer


    (803) 641-2428 Ext. 10005


    Larry Dunn, Ed. S. 

    District Hearing Officer


    (803) 641-2428



    Melissa Johnson, Ed. D.

    Medical Homebound Lead/Home School


    (803) 641-2428 Ext. 12757



    Monica Mazzell, BSN, RN, NCSN

    Supervisor of Nursing/Health Services


    (803) 641-2428 Ext. 12417



    Vicki Miller-McCarthy

    Coordinator of Social Services/McKinney Vento Liaison


    (803) 641-2428 Ext. 12654

    (803) 335-7052



    Larry Millstead

    Aiken Works Lead

    Career Specialist – Kennedy Middle School

    G-CDF Global Career Development Facilitator


    (803) 641-2428 Ext. 12731



    Sondra Thomas

    Military Liaison


    (803) 641-2428 Ext. 12766



    Julie Waugh

    Lead Attendance Supervisor


    (803) 641-2428 Ext. 12480



    Sharon Worley, Ed. S.

    Coordinator of Counseling and Career Services

    G-CDF Global Career Development Facilitator


    (803) 641-2428 Ext. 12651