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    Aiken County Public School District provides a great start for our youngest learners! Our program is available for children who meet eligibility criteria and are four-years-old on or before September 1. The program is a full-day, following the regular arrival and dismissal times of your child's school.

    Parents/guardians of rising pre-kindergarten students should register, online, at their child's zoned school. All required documents, including proof of residence, an official birth certificate, immunization record, Medicaid card or income verification, must be provided for a student to be considered for enrollment.

    Enrollment for the 4K Child Development Program is non-discriminatory.

    In the event the number of registered children exceeds the space available, additional children will be placed on a waiting list. All registered students will be baseline-tested using a school readiness screening tool. Parents will be contacted by the teacher to set up a screening appointment once the child's enrollment record is complete.

    Click here for more information on the 4K application process.

Our Day in 4K

  • Student working on mapping skills.  

    Early education helps children build a strong foundation for future social and academic success.  Big Day for Pre-K  is a comprehensive and engaging program that embraces children's natural curiosity and guides their social, emotional and intellectual development.

    Balance Literacy

    Shared Reading with *Interactive Read Aloud
    Teacher demonstrates proficient reading, models strategies, and extends understanding using the book/big book, chart, Smart Board, or various types of texts.

    Guided Reading (small groups)
    Teacher acts as a guide to engage students in practicing reading strategies, asking and answering questions, and to develop independence.

    Independent Reading/Exploring Texts
    Students choose the text to build stamina in exploring texts for pleasure, information, and application of strategies.

    Literacy Stations (including Word Study)

    Shared Writing (connected to Reader’s Workshop)
    Teacher models writing strategies on chart paper while students listen, interact, and participate.

    Independent Writing/Journaling, Conferencing and Share Time
    Students engage in independent writing practice while teachers conference to reinforce strategies.

    Girl reading   boy reading

    Big Experiences

    Each day has three theme-driven, intergrated experiences that teach important skills and concepts.

    Learning Centers   

    Learning Centers extend theme learning and provide students a daily opportunity for independent exploration.


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4K Registration Questions & Answers

  • For more information about S.C. CERDEP guidelines please click

    Registration Documents

    1. Is there a registration fee required for the 4K program?

    No, there is no registration fee required for the 4K program in the Aiken County Public School District.

    2. What types of Proof of Residency are required?

    A mortgage contract, rental agreement or utility bill from the provided address (water, light, etc.)  If the parent and student live at an address for which the parent is not the owner, a notary form is required.

    3. Can the parent provide an immunization record after 4 year old shots/dr. visit OR exemption certificate provided by the health department? 

    A current immunization record is required.  An immunization form must be included in the enrollment packet at registration.  Immunization Exemption certificates issued by the state health department or doctor’s office are allowable in the place of a current immunization record. 

    4. Will a letter stating that the Medicaid card is approved and is on the way acceptable?

    Yes.  The enrollment packet will become inactive however, if the Medicaid card is not presented to the school/teacher within 30 days of registration.

    5. Is a certified birth certificate required?

    Yes, an official birth certificate is required.  The certificate issued by the hospital with the child’s feet prints is not acceptable.  This documentation is required as proof of age.

    6. Are parents required to submit current pay stubs or tax W2s for proof of income?

     If the student does not have a Medicaid card, a pay stub or tax document is required.  A screening appointment will NOT be provided without income documentation.


    Registration Days

    1. Are parents required to register the student at the home zoned school?

    Yes. There is no special permission for 4K students.  All students must register at his or her zoned school.  The home address will be verified and approved before the enrollment packet is marked complete.  Careful consideration should be given to moving from the zoned school because a 4K spot is not guaranteed in another location.  In most cases, 4K classes are full with many students on a waiting list to be accepted.  Once enrolled in one class and a move occurs, students are not guaranteed a spot out of zone or at another location.  

    2. Is a complete enrollment packet required in order to be considered for acceptance?

    Yes. ALL required documents, signed forms and accurate contact information MUST be complete for the child to be considered for acceptance.

    3. What are the dates for registration? 

    Spring registration is February 6th- March 10th.

    4. When does summer registration begin?

     Any applications that are completed after March 10th are considered summer registration.


    Acceptance and Waiting List


    1. What happens if a parent does not show for the screening appointment for their child?

    All registered students with a complete enrollment packet will be provided a screening appointment.  These screening appointments are for the teachers to test the students on their school readiness ability.  The test scores will be used to rank the students for acceptance consideration and are required.  No student will be placed without a screening score.  If the parent/student is a no show for the screening appointment, the student’s file will be placed on the Screening Wait List and consideration for acceptance into the program will be delayed.

    2. What are acceptance procedures and waiting list procedures?  

    Acceptance into the 4K program is not guaranteed and space is limited.  There are two rounds of acceptance:  Round One, following Spring registration, will place the qualifying students into the program who are found to be the most at-risk in school readiness skills.  Round Two, following summer registration, will place the remaining students who are next on the list for enrollment.  Each class will have 20 spots for enrollment.  If a student withdraws and an opening occurs, the next student on the waiting list will be contacted.  ALL parents will receive a letter stating acceptance or waiting list status.

    3. When will Acceptance Letters be mailed?

    Acceptance letters will be mailed to parents by June 9, 2023.  Parents should not expect to receive a letter of acceptance or waiting list placement letter until that time.  Parents should wait to contact the district office about acceptance until after mid-June.  It is VERY important that all contact information is current and correct.  Letters will be mailed to the address provided and receipt of the letter cannot be guaranteed.


    Start of School

    1. When will parents be contacted about the start of the school year?

    All parents will receive a contact phone call, postcard, or welcome letter from their child’s new 4K teacher in August.  The teacher will provide information specific to the school and classroom.  Information will also be provided on the required 4K Orientation Meeting. (See below)

    2. When is the First Day of School?

    July 25, 2023

    3. Are parents/guardians required to attend a 4K Orientation Meeting?

    Yes.  At least one parent/guardian is required to attend their child’s 4K Orientation Meeting.  The child will not become an official 4K student until the parent has attended this orientation and completed all of the beginning of the year forms for the teacher.  Teachers will notify parents of the date and time of the orientation.  

    4. What supplies will the student need to bring to school?

    Each teacher/school will provide parents with a school supply list in July.  


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