Apr 28, 2018

Morgan’s Barbecue

     When you first come into Morgan's Barbecue the host welcome you in and asked if you want to eat indoors or out. I choose the option to eat out. The outdoor decor has picnic tables and benches with patio umbrellas. The table setting is paper plates with silver forks and knives.  The waitress greeted me and pour me room temperature water. I order and later received my food.  She had checked to see how everything is going.  Later, I've finished my meal,  it was a little hard to grab her attention since she was busy chatting with her co-worker about nothing. I had to grab the host's attention and have him call her to my table.

    I was in the mood for some mac& cheese and so i stop by Morgan's Barbecue in Park slope, Brooklyn.  Morgan's Barbecue serve sandwiches, wings, sliders, and variety of meat for your bbq needs.  They have the Elbow Room, which are elbow macaroni & cheese with signature flavors.  I had the Jamaican Jerk Mac & Chicken Tinga Mac with a side of collard green and Cole slaw. If you are a big fan of Mac & cheese than you are going to LOVE  their elbow room.

   Overall, the meals are well seasoned and spicy. I found the spices are mild to medium, if you don't have a good tolerance for spices it's not for you. The side of Cole slaw was a cool, crunchy, and  complimentary balance to the hearty and spicy mac and collard green. I'm sure the other options that they have in their menu aren't spicy.

I give Morgan's Barbecue an A for their meal.
B- for customer service 
Definitely would go again 
- Valerie

Morgan's Barbecue is located in 267 Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn NY.

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